The First Year of Holmes & Watson Blogs Confirms It’s Time for the Energy Profession to Adopt Cloud-Based Big Data and Sophisticated Analytics!


Looking Back at the First Year of Holmes & Watson Energy Blogs

Holmes: If we could single out the most important thing that we have learned during the past year while researching and writing our Blogs, it has to be the total failure of the Energy “Profession” to keep pace with the times. By placing self-serving interests above those of Facility Owners and Managers, our “Profession” is continuing to enrich themselves by teaching and performing Energy Audits while claiming that they are the most essential step in every energy project.

Watson: I was taught in engineering school that all valid science must be based on accurate data. But somehow the so-called “Energy Profession” has survived for 40 years based on almost no actual data at all. Doesn’t sound like a true science-based “Profession” to me!

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