Introducing Bill Holmes on Energy

Intoducing Bill Holmes on Energy PS7








 40 years of real-world experience as an Energy Professional

I have been an energy engineer and manager since the first energy crisis in 1974. My strong academic background coupled with working as a mechanical systems designer, energy engineer and manager and since 1979, owner of an energy management business have given me a unique combination of theory and real-world experience; a different perspective compared with most others in the field. I have been designing, building, installing and operating Energy Monitoring Systems since 1979 and using the resulting data to produce savings of 20%, 30% and more from no-cost, low cost changes alone in all types of facilities.

Holmes Energy operated building energy systems in scores of buildings for many years and was responsible for performance, reliability, cost and comfort and on-call 24/7. Our only fee was a percent of actual, documented savings. I understand the theory from my years teaching thermodynamics, thermal systems, energy conservation, HVAC and other related courses at Purdue. More importantly, I know what works and what doesn’t in Real Buildings in the Real World.

I have a passion for education having taught at two Big 10 Universities and been training facility operating and maintenance personnel, publishing papers and speaking about my methods and projects at conferences for more than 35 years.

The main objective of this Blog is to educate and teach others in the profession the basic principles and methods of good energy management, resource conservation and efficiency; to pass along some of my experience in practical ways. I will be emphasizing the use of fundamental scientific methods based on the use of actual monitored data. The Blog will draw on other experts and provide links to valid methods and Case Studies of actual projects.

The need for a recognized and enforced Code of Ethics for Energy Professionals will be addressed. Also, the need for increased, practical and effective Energy Education that combines both the Theory with actual Real World experience and knowledge.

And I want to entertain you with some of the funny, unbelievable experiences I have had during my career. I will be introducing a Comic Strip, “Holmes & Watson - Energy Detectives”, featuring me and my dog Watson to help me bring home some of my key points in a very non- engineering way.

Tell us about your experiences, both good and bad with energy professionals, what has worked and what hasn’t. Send us your comments, thoughts and suggestions on how to improve our profession so we can all continue to learn from each other. Thanks – Holmes & Watson.