The Worlds Best Slide Show

A site called has been running a competition to select the worlds best Presentation. The winner was a slide about the looming water crisis all over the world. I thought I would post about this here because it is an issue of particular interest to me and my family. My wife and I have supported Water Aid for almost a decade now and I would recommend them to you as an honest and professionally run charity that performs life changing services for communities throughout the world. After a long time in the utilities industries, combined with my own travels through the developing world, I have become acutely aware of the damage that poor water quality and lack of good sanitation can do to a community, a city, or an entire nation. It is a crisis of now and any work that is done in this area supports all other areas. You cannot have effective education without water first, you cannot deal with other issues surrounding food, infrastructure and all the rest of the issues until you deal first with the pressing and urgent need for water. I recommend this charity to you, enjoy the slide deck!
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