Software doesn't make change, people make change

We can't start that, we are waiting for SAP to rollout.

Once the "new" software gets here it will have all of those features. 

The project isn't getting the results we expected because the software is slow.

We need to fix our data capture technologies before we can "do" reliability. 

Heard any of these? I bet you have. My career has been plagued by them. Even when I was a maintenance planner back in Australia. I continually had my ideas scuttled because "The new maintenance package will do a lot of that".

And you know what? It never did.

It was generally late, generally compromised beyond all recognition, and generally too little too late.

Software doesn't change companies, people change companies.

RCM doesn't need software, Weibull doesn't need software, RCA doesn't need software. It helps, it makes life easier, but there is absolutely no justification for you to wait another minute before starting.

Change the work processes, get the RCM training, start to audit past analysis, put in place a spreadsheet system for recording and highlighting bad actors, tighten up the planning processes, do some time and motion studies on overhuals and routine turnarounds. 

Whatever. Just do it now.

Your company is depending on this. Planning, instead of acting, is the most paralysing strategy for any asset intensive company at this point in time.