Managers or Leaders?

We live in turbulent times - in every sense of the word. Economic, cultural, global stability, technology... you name it. Racing technology, continual change and exploding expectations have promoted the skills of implementation, execution and embedding up to the most challenging of modern management in virtually any industry. Not news right? Continuous change has been part of our business lives now for well over two decades. But today - the pace is faster and more furious. Completing one initiative is no longer a criteria for starting another one. As everyone scrambles for competitive advantage we find our companies are more eager to gain leverage through some of the transformational technologies out there. If one thing is obvious, it is that we no longer need managers... We need leaders! Different skill-sets for different times. Managers do administration - Leaders do Inspiration Managers cross the "t"s, dot the "i"s follow the processes, manage the workforce. While Leaders boldly go where no man has gone before... and have others willing to follow them. Changing times always require inspirational leadership... Leaders who can get it done, all of it, without severely interrupting the business. If you enjoyed this post please consider subscribing in a reader, or you can also receive The Art of Change by Email.