Maintenance Blogs around the web world

I regularly drop in on a number of sites around the internet that are always good sources of original thinking, new ideas and new concepts. Unfortunately the world of maintenance and reliability blogging is a little bit scarce, but there are still a lot of us out there. Once you get past all the job ads on the RSS feeds, you can find some of the following blogs:
  • The Taproot Blog - Mark Paradies has always been very good at getting the message out, and this blog is no exception. There is a bit of commercial stuff there (as there should be) but all in all it's a great source of interesting information.
    • I once tried to get something going in terms of developing a standard for RCA where he was involved. A real critical thinker.
  • A great site I recently discovered is called "Fishing for Reliability" by a gentleman called Howard Cooper. Great information, good depth, and only a little bit commercial. (Howard - put some subscription links on your site!!)
  • This is a good one simply called Maintenance and Reliability. It seems to be written by a guy who just wants to post about issues that are important to him. Carries a few misguided and incorrect statements however.
And thats about all I have found. Not bad, but not great... for example: Where are the blogs from recognized leaders int eh field? Heinz Bloch, Bob Latino, The RCMBlitz guys, the TPM guys from the Marshall Institute and so on. All of these people really have something of interest to add and it would be great to see them out there in the blogosphere.