Drip, drip drip...

A lot has been said about Obamas secret weapon, the fact that he hasa background as a community organizer. And there are lots of commentators crediting this for contributing a lot to the recent election outcomes.

There's a lot we can learn from this. I have done community organization. Do you know how you do it?

How you get entire communities to take action on one issue or another? By getting to them one person at a time.

Knock on each door, speak at local events, talk to people wherever you find them. never stop telling the story of how it is in their interests, and those of the wider community, to take action.

And thats how you win overwhelming support for your reliability initiative in your company. One person at a time like dripping water. Drip, drip, drip.

Speak to one, present to five, speak to another two, present to ten, and continue until everyone has heard it several times.

...and then tell them again.

No project ever gained support just because the boss said it was a good idea.

No project ever gained support just because it achieved good benefits.

People need to know you are doing a good job, and the only way they find out is if you tell them.

And their co-workers, and their bosses, and their subordinates...