A growing community

The world is changing at a tremendous pace. We are now in an age of many-to-many conversations with blogs, twitter and all the rest. More of us are talking to each other, and it is gettting harder to separate the noise from information.

To take advantage of this I want to start a monthly teleconference. Probably in January, of about 30 minutes or an hour each month. 

Would this interest you?

The themes would revolve around leading practices. WHat others are doing, what is emerging as a leading practice or technology, and what you could do to start thriving rather than just surviving in the current economic crisis.

If this is of interest to you, then please send me an email to daryl.mather@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to let you know when we are going to kick off. 

Also, it isn't a one way conversation - I hope to hear from you all on how we can add value to your operations.