Connectivity is only possible with proper cybersecurity

Nov. 18, 2015
Cybersecurity might not be simple, but it's imperative.


Connectivity requires cybersecurity to exist and succeed. All the promised benefits of The Connected Enterprise—faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, improved asset utilization and enterprise risks management—can't and won't happen without effective security.

"One of the key sticking points in moving forward in The Connected Enterprise is cybersecurity, but a lot of collaboration and skills will be needed to make it happen, and none of us can do it alone," said John Nesi, vice president of market development, Rockwell Automation.

The good news is that many useful software and other tools are emerging to aid cybersecurity efforts. The bad news is, it's difficult in real-world applications, facilities and organizations to find the time, money, labor, cooperation, expertise, training and commitment to implement them.

To learn more about cybersecurity, read “Cybersecurity makes The Connected Enterprise possible” from Control.

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