The Connected Enterprise: Exploring the path from vision to reality

Nov. 18, 2015
Simplify and standardize business processes and the systems that support them.


]It's tough to argue with The Connected Enterprise value proposition. Who wouldn't want to be part of a safer, more efficient and more profitable enterprise, where all decision-makers are equipped with the visibility and information they need to respond quickly and confidently to sudden market challenges and new opportunities?

The vision may be clear, but there are as many paths forward as there are companies setting out to become one. There will be potholes along the way, but wins will sometimes come from unexpected quarters, according to a panel of industry executives that shared their own companies' stories of justification, definition and value creation on the road to becoming a Connected Enterprise. The panel discussion was part of the Automation Perspectives media event held by Rockwell Automation on the eve of its Automation Fair event in Chicago.

To learn more about The Connected Enterprise, read “Payoffs and trade-offs on Connected Enterprise journey” from Control.

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