The future, as predicted by Dick Morley

Sept. 9, 2015
Revisiting "The Technology Machine" and exploring its connection to IoT.

In 1997, Dick Morley along with Patricia Moody wrote a book called The Technology Machine: How Manufacturing Will Work in the Year 2020.

The book contains a myriad of ideas, thoughts and direct comments on how businesses are run, how businesses should be run and how to influence the people who work in the companies and for the companies. It also delves into the relationships between customers and suppliers, and it talks to real-time systems that must connect the two for the time-to-profit scenario. It’s capitalism at its best.

While the concepts are still applicable today and probably more than ever in our global economy, I was more interested in the technology machine as such and how the state of our industry today would be reflected in the words of wisdom of yesterday. In other words, how accurate were the visions of the future?

To learn more about IoT, read “A current view of The Technology Machine” from Control Design.

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