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Survey results: Will the legalization of marijuana make it harder to find and retain workers?

In a small survey base, 56% of respondents believe the legalization of marijuana will make it more difficult to find qualified plant workers.

In the Plant Services 2018 workforce survey, only 1.2% of managers, supervisors, and executives and 5.3% of maintenance, reliability, production and engineering workers rated drug-use-related hiring and retention challenges as a top workforce concern. As more and more states begin legalizing marijuana for recreational use, however, drug use may have a larger impact on companies' ability to hire and retain qualified workers.

Plant Services asked online readers their thoughts on how the legalization of marijuana will impact workforce-related issues.

Following are the complete survey responses.

1. Do you live in a state where possession of marijuana for recreational use is legal?

2. If yes, would you say legalization has had a positive, negative or neutral effect on workforce-related issues (hiring, retention, employee policy enforcement, etc.) at your facility?

3. What kind of impact would the legalization of marijuana have on finding qualified plant workers in your area?

4. Do you support legalization of marijuana for recreational use?

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