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Survey results: Are strong unions key to manufacturing growth in the US?

In a small survey base, only one third of maintenance crews are part of a union.

In a recent article for The New York Times, authors Moshe Z. Marvit and Andrew Stettner wrote: "When it comes to young people, manufacturers already have to overcome an outdated idea that today’s factories, which are actually high-tech, remain dirty and dangerous. It’s hard to imagine industrial companies recruiting a new generation into manufacturing at the pedestrian and downward-trending pay sought by Wabtec. It’s a formula that won’t work much longer. The unions are offering Wabtec and the rest of manufacturing a different and more promising path: Rebuild the wage premium in manufacturing as a way to retain and attract the next generation of skilled manufacturing workers."

Plant Services asked online readers their thoughts on the importance of unions in a modern manufacturing facility.

Following are the complete survey responses.

1. Is the maintenance crew at your plant part of a union?


2. A recent article from The New York Times suggests that strong unions are key to continued manufacturing growth in the US. Do you agree?

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