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Your CMMS: Are you a journeyman or a master?

Thomas Wilk says two new reports help benchmark CMMS implementation.

By Thomas Wilk, chief editor

Have you ever wondered just how much value you’re getting from your CMMS? Or where your facility ranks in comparison with peers in similar industries when it comes to using asset management software to drive reliability and continuous improvement initiatives?

This month, CMMS solution provider Maintenance Connection published two new reports that can help shed some light on how well you and your facility are using maintenance management software to improve operational processes. Data for these reports were collected from 1,000 respondents across dozens of industries, from energy and education to health care, facility management, and manufacturing. Each response was assessed and scored and then given one of five ranks: Apprentice, Mover, Journeyman, Leader, or Master.

Also, although some participants were users of software from Maintenance Connection, the survey data were not limited to those respondents; in fact, the survey tapped into the experience of maintenance practitioners across more than 40 CMMS vendors and products.

The first report, 2017 State of CMMS (, takes the wide view by summarizing all data collected across 10 major industry segments and finds that 41% of respondents are able to realize the full value of their CMMS implementation (these are the “Leaders” and “Masters”), configuring nearly all assets in the CMMS as well as being able to calculate the ROI of their software investment. Of this segment, only 12% of respondents were classified as Masters – those able to move from reactive maintenance to more-proactive programs. Nearly 25% of Masters also reported operational cost savings in the millions of dollars.

The second report, Asset & Facility Management Software Benchmark Report: Manufacturing ( draws from the same data set and is more tightly focused on the experience of maintenance teams in both process (74%) and discrete (18%) manufacturing facilities, as well as those working in manufacturing fulfillment centers (8%).

Some of the most interesting data points include:

  • 32% of manufacturers are processing more than 500 work orders per month
  • 43% of manufacturing facilities are performing reactive maintenance more than half of the time
  • 23% of manufacturing respondents are strong users of mobile CMMS, whereas 60% of respondents report little to no progress using mobile capabilities
  • 60% of warehouse management respondents were ranked as CMMS Leaders or Masters, compared with 46% of those in process manufacturing and 43% in discrete. No warehouse manager respondents were classified as “Apprentices” – those just starting out on their CMMS journey.

As the reports indicate, the opportunity to improve exists across all industry segments, but warehouse personnel are slightly ahead of the rest.