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Going mobile: Advice from 5 experts

Now that mobility is ubiquitous inside plants, where is it taking us next?

By Thomas Wilk, Editor in Chief

The Plant Services Disruptive Technology series offers a quarterly look at technology innovations that are generating rapid changes in how plant managers and engineers approach their jobs. The series continues this month with a survey of how mobile technologies are reshaping the way that maintenance and reliability teams are doing their jobs.

For this story Plant Services interviewed five industry figures who shared their insights on the drivers behind mobile's move onto the plant floor, as well several technical innovations both at and just beyond the horizon.

How mobile won the plant floor
Zebra's Jim Hilton talks about how mobility and production processes are redefining each other.

Free your data and uptime will follow
Fluke's John Neeley explains how mobile innovations are enabling reliability-centered maintenance.

Secure peer-to-peer data sharing on the plant floor
Rockwell Automation's Kyle Reissner introduces Project Stanton, which will turn mobile devices into smart nodes.

How mobile is disrupting field services, operations, and logistics
Honeywell's Rohit Robinson argues that the greatest risks related to mobile tech are not adopting it soon enough.

Mobility is a standing expectation in plants
Schneider Electric's Saadi Kermani says to get a mobile plan in place to help become more agile as a business.