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What will the world look like when everything is connected through IoT?

Is the Internet of Things changing the course of human history?

By Jeremy Pollard, CET

There are many definitions and opinions about what the Internet of Things is, how it works and why it is important. I have already written about the lack of security in these “things” and the lack of attention to security in those things; one wonders how these things are really going to affect us.

So I wondered about the smart house as the IoT matures. You can have access to all types of household devices, such as door locks, garage door openers, refrigerators and thermostats, using your smartphone.

And it really made me wonder who will actually be left in this world that will actually be able to do anything besides sit on the couch, eat chips, drink beer and order stuff online.

To learn more about IoT, read “Robots and the Internet of Things will change your world, but do you want that?” from Control Design.

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