Top 5 benefits of going green

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have assembled a list of our top 5 “green” articles.


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have assembled a list of our top 5 “green” articles that focus on the business benefits of conserving energy, reducing your environmental footprint, and the growth of sustainability-focused jobs.



Going green: Reducing your environmental footprint in 2015

Before steps can be taken to exhibit successful compliance or mitigate environmental effects, organizations must first have the ability to accurately assess overall environmental impact. This starting point is nearly impossible to achieve without the use of an integrated, real-time EAM application with functionality specific to energy and sustainability tracking.



Why energy supply and demand is so divisive – and how it could change

Energy supply and demand: why is it such a divisive issue? The problem is that it is not just about individual consumption; oil and gas supply and demand is a central issue not only to the health of the global economy, but the global ecosystem as well.



Infographic: The reality of green jobs

Investment in the green economy and renewable energy today will help ensure the U.S. stays competitive in the global economy in the future. But perhaps more importantly, right now investment in the green economy is creating new jobs for millions of job-seekers around the county.



Beyond zero landfill

In May 2004, SIA became the first auto assembly plant in America to achieve zero landfill status. SIA’s entire 832-acre site with six ponds has been designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.



Data-driven initiative powers paper producer’s platform

Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, Cascades was involved with recycling well before recycling was in style. Cascades’ environmental efforts traditionally focused on the sourcing and disposal of raw materials; however, in recent years, the company, like much of the manufacturing industry, has increased its emphasis on data collection and analysis for improved efficiency and clean operation.

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