Industrial Safety

Teachings from the Titanic: Is your safety program sinking?

Lessons learned from past mistakes.

By Mandy Savage

Safety headlines grab attention with catastrophe, accidents, fines, and pointing fingers. This April 15th marks the 103rd year anniversary of one of the most talked about safety tragedies of 20th century. The sinking of Titanic killed more than 1,500 passengers and crew, shocking the world, as it had been touted as the safest ship ever built—up to that point.

What we don't talk about as much are the lessons learned from past mistakes. We don't celebrate the improvements, ideas generated, shared, and implemented for future use. It can be difficult to measure potential energy, such as the accidents or deaths avoided without some type of benchmark.

Here are 5 lessons about Titanic that impacted the safety.

To learn more about safety, read “Five safety lessons learned from the demise of Titanic” from DuraNews.

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