IFS targets power-gen market with performance management tool

The company's new plug-and-play CPM tool for the power-generation sector is designed to enable better, faster decision-making.

Enterprise applications company IFS this week debuted a plug-and-play version of IFS CPM, its corporate performance management platform, for power generation companies.

The platform is designed to provide an enterprise-wide, top-down view of asset processes and performance—to deliver actionable insights that let plant owners and managers better execute their business strategy and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

For any given company, it's easy to create graph after graph tracking asset data, says adds IFS Industry Director of Energy and Utilities Colin Beaney. But data means nothing without context, and IFS CPM offers the kind of rich context that enables better (and faster) decision-making, he says. "If you're a business leader, CPM is a great way to provide that level of insight at a macro level," Beaney says.

The IFS CPM plug-and-play offering represents a preconfigured, prepackaged, out-of-the-box solution that's optimized for the highly regulated power generation industry, according to IFS. Business processes, cockpits and key performance indicators are built-in, but there's also a level of customizability to help let customers focus on their unique competitive priorities.

"I think there's great opportunity for companies to differentiate based on what's important to them," says Beaney. IFS CPM for the power-gen sector, he adds, "enables power generation companies to optimize operational effectiveness and through-life costs while ensuring that performance is managed in the context of the key business strategic objectives and processes."

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