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How will IIoT affect the future of manufacturing?

NIWeek speakers explore the future of big analog data and the Industrial Internet of Things.

By Mike Bacidore

Each August, engineers and designers gather in the Live Music Capital of the World and enthusiastically bear the triple-digit heat to drink from the cool, refreshing hose of industrial innovation and listen to presentations of the newest applications of National Instruments’ technology. This year, NIWeek in Austin, Texas, focused on the latest developments surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big analog data (BAD).

“We’re in the early stages of the Internet of Things,” said Jeff Kodosky, one of the co-founders of NI and the “father” of its LabView platform. “The IIoT is about connecting machines and systems to improve reliability, productivity and safety. Sensors and devices will create huge amounts of data. Big analog data is fundamentally unabated. Sensors and actuators connect to nodes at the edge. LabView is the platform for big analog data and the IIoT.”

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