How instrumentation is helping plants save energy

Install the instrumentation, analyze the data, and use this information to save energy.

By Dan Hebert, P.E.

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The pressure is on for process plants to save energy. In Europe, it's mandatory. In North America it's a profit-and-loss issue, and sometimes a local regulatory requirement. In this article, we'll look at how modern instruments and process analyzers provide the information needed to improve energy efficiency, identify areas needing improvement, and inform the maintenance department where devices have failed and are wasting energy.

If a plant is already instrumented, sometimes replacing an older instrument with a modern device provides more comprehensive information. Some plants already have the required instruments and analyzers, but need some means of analyzing the data to find energy savings. If instruments must be added, wireless transmitters offer an easy, inexpensive way to measure parameters that were once hard to reach because of the expense or difficulty in running wires.

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