Hidden leaders of the shutdown

Are you preparing maintenance workers to be effective in their roles during plant shutdowns?

By Joel Levitt, Life Cycle Engineering

If your organization uses contract labor to conduct shutdown repairs, you know this is true: once the shutdown team takes over, the responsibilities of your maintenance crew members change. Jobs transform. An electrician might become a gang leader, contractor liaison, tour guide or safety officer. For this brief period the maintenance worker joins management. They help manage the thousands of shutdown details. Are you preparing maintenance workers to be effective in these roles?

Some of the important roles that need to be discussed, coached and defined include:

  • Tour guide
  • Teacher of company documentation, norms and culture
  • Safety advocate and policeman
  • Quality advocate and inspector
  • Legal agent
  • Planner’s eyes and ears
  • Meeting participant

To learn more about shutdowns and download the entire article, watch the on-demand webcast, "How Effective Is Your STO Strategy?"