Case history: ADM turns raw data into actionable information

Bridging the data silos associated with different departments and facilities.

By Paul Studebaker, Control

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) operates more than 760 agricultural products plants around the world, using corn, soybeans, wheat, oilseeds and other produce to manufacture materials used to make products ranging from food and animal feed to biodiesel and industrial feedstocks.

In 2004, the company recognized the potential for plant data to help improve performance in regulatory compliance, quality, efficiency, process design, cost accounting and logistics, and launched an initiative to improve its ability to convert data into useful information. "Over the past 11 years, we've made some progress," said Scott Harmeier, process optimization manager at ADM, to attendees at the NovaTech Futureproof Automation 2015 User Conference on Aug. 31 in New Orleans. "It's been a long and constantly changing process."

To learn more about ADM's success, read “ADM converts data into information to improve operations” from Control Global.

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