Electrical Safety

Arc flash: Trained but not applied

Training is only as good as its application, so follow arc-flash safety rules even if doing so slows you down

By Jeremy Pollard, CET, for Control Design

The inconvenience of gearing up in personal protection equipment (PPE) encourages employees not to follow arc-flash safety rules, so why are employees trained in the first place? They are trained to cover the liability. The company can say that all electrical and mechanical employees have had arc-flash training, so the company can no longer be held accountable if an accident happens.

Now you have reasons to not follow the training and can claim ignorance as you were not required to take a test at the end of the training. Usually it is good to have some measurement of how well you learned the material. Since you have been trained in arc-flash safety, you, as an individual, are now responsible for your life when working in a control panel and don’t take the proper precautions.

Don't let taking too much time to fix an electrical issue be the fly in the ointment that gives you the green light to ignore safety procedures. Once you have safety training, remember it and follow, it as the ultimate responsibility lies in your own lap. Safety is everyone's responsibility, including yours.

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