iPhones and Androids: IT department’s friends or foes?

As more mobile devices are being accepted by the IT department, does that mean security is being compromised?

As mobile devices branch out further, the IT department is beginning to get nervous. With more people bring their own personal devices out to the plant floors, the question arises: “Are our devices secure?” But when more companies ask this question, employees begin to ask their own questions: “Is this an issue of security or of control?”

Before iPhones and Androids were let loose, Blackberry phones were the only ones that were given the green flag from the IT department. But that was because every email and note that a person made on the Blackberry was looked at and seen by eyes from the IT department.

As soon as CEO’s realized how much more convenient and effective they were, they started to buy iPhones. That one act released the masses of iPhones, iPads, Androids and other devices onto the IT department, forcing them to give the O.K. to other mobile devices. While the IT department still is trying to convince employees to buy and use the phones they recommend, it is becoming less necessary to do so for multiple reasons.

After comparing the amount of rootkits attacking iPhones compared to PC’s, the difference is staggering. Only once or twice a year does an iPhone user have vulnerability issues, while PC’s are attacked frequently. Along with that, a PC owner has to download new software for Adobe, Windows, and Java software practically every week. Compared to the sleek downloading process on an Android or iPhone, that is unacceptable.

When it comes down to it, Android and iPhone mobile phones are much harder for the IT department to keep watch over. But a huge positive is that they offer more security potential in regards to stolen phones because of the features like remote wiping, which laptops do not have.

While the IT department may not like it, ultimately iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices are going to be let loose to reign. So the best response now is to accept it, but also to be aware of problems and ready to secure them as soon as possible.

Read the full article here on Tofino Security’s website.

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