Decoding the recovery: Is manufacturing on the mend?

Could the onshore manufacturing revival be fueling this positive growth?

By Antony Bourne

Over the last few months, there have been a number of surveys indicating that global manufacturing output is increasing.

Last month, the Federal Reserve announced output gains compared to a year ago across multiple manufacturing sectors.

One of the factors behind this positive growth is, I believe, the fact that a number of countries are seeing the value of added skills and intelligence in the manufacturing processes, in essence de-commoditizing their products. With exports and local demand increasing, I get the sense that these countries are increasingly looking inwards, committing to pull themselves out of recession. I see much more products labeled proudly as being domestically made rather than imported.  This is a clear pull on public heart strings, in effect appealing to customers interested in contributing to an improved economy. After all, as a consumer, I am far more likely to buy products that are made in my country if the price differential is minimal.

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