Network Infrastructure

Are you integrating your HART information?

Use HART connectivity to reduce maintenance costs and improve plant reliability.

While the use case for off-line, on-demand HART connectivity is compelling, further leaps in plant productivity and reliability await users who pursue full-time, integrated HART connectivity among their field instruments and control and asset management systems.

With off-line HART, the emphasis is on bringing productivity and efficiency to routine and reactive maintenance tasks. But with full-time HART connectivity, users can begin to leverage the HART Protocol's diagnostic power to drive predictive methodologies that can both reduce maintenance costs and improve plant reliability. Integrated HART connectivity also allows instrument and host system manufacturers to implement new synergistic features and functionality not possible over a simple 4-20mA connection. And despite its many years of widespread, proven use, "many people are still unaware of what's possible with HART," notes Scott Saunders, chief operating officer for Moore-Industries International. "HART Communication is about more than just the handheld."

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