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Plant Services magazine extras

Hearing is believing

Bearing upgrades- Don't lose your bearings when planning an upgrade
Upgrading equipment
 - Drive system upgrades
Selection algorithm - Selecting the right bearing
Powertrain PdM - Avoid the rolling thunder



Find and fix compressed air leaks
Steam systems and efficiency
Motor-driven systems
Motor, drive, lighting and power distribution payback calculators
Diaphragm pump savings calculatorNatural gas prices
Crude oil prices


Adopt new directions in industrial lighting 

Ceramic lighting - See clearly
Task lighting - Seeing in the best possible light


Invest it wisely

Level 1 audits- Profits and compressed air
Efficiency and loading
 - Load 'em up
Capacity controls - Compressor capacity controls
Baselining - Baselining the compressed air system
VSDs - Drive down the cost of compressed air
Managing a compressor project - When non-standard maintenance becomes a project
Performance determinants - Applying the pressure
Upgrades - Planning air system upgrades

Shuffling the hots

Heat of compression- What does Mother Nature say about cooling hot air?
Heat recovery
 - Air compressor heat recovery is a hot topic
Heat pumps - Almost like free BTUs
Heat transfer fluids - Understanding heat transfer systems

Fight the lightning bolts


Automate to survive


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