July 2006

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Plant Services magazine extras

Handle with care

Safety versus complexity and cost - In this Web-exclusive sidebar, Martin Boyd, national product planning manager, Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., answers our questions about the real-world value of his company's patented lift truck stability control systems.
The pre-operation inspection - Why and how to perform a comprehensive pre-shift inspection, courtesy of Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA).
Lift truck/pedestrian accidents - Based on a comprehensive study, Hyster Company describes how to equip trucks, establish rules and organize the physical workplace to reduce the potential for these accidents.
Good old information - A series of Productivity Magazine articles on the Clark site offers time-tested advice on planned maintenance, dock accidents, tipovers and more.
Training video demo - With sections on general safety, pre-operation, operation, load handling and fuel/battery maintenance, this 30-minute award-winning demo by J.J. Keller gives solid insight into DVD-based operator training.
What went wrong? - Analyses of dozens of lift truck accidents by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Clean the air

Controls - Compressor capacity controls
Baseline measurements - Vital signs
Dryers - Controlling compressed air moisture
- Look beyond the sticker price
Efficiency Issue - Load 'em up
Dryers - There's more than one way to dry the air

Piping for toxic and hazardous gases

3-D modeling - Clean water on demand
Pressure drop - Evaulate pressure drop in vacuum systems
Connections - Piping tie-ins: the basics
Corrosion-resistant piping
 - Pipe for perpetuity

The seven deadly wastes

Economics - Material handling economics 101
Lean maintenance - Lean on me

Fieldbus improves control system reliability

Rotary vs. linear - Valve wars
System flaws - Outwit control system gremlins
Fuzzy logic - Fuzzy logic
Handheld devices - Portable control meets maintenance

Oops, I've done it again

Job design - Job design
Disaster resources - It can happen to you
Maintenance KPIs - Get your figures in great shape
Baldridge award - Pleasing customers and shareholders
Human error - Root cause: human error

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