10 white paper downloads your peers read the most

These are the 10 most downloaded white papers from our web site. See what your peers are reading

Top 10 white paper downloads

1. The guide to successful factory maintenance - More and more top executives insist on a workable maintenance strategy that is aligned with an overall corporate strategy. This 19-page guide addresses the challenges of maintenance improvement.

2. Practical Perspectives on Motor Management - This 12-page PDF white paper discusses how your plant can increase the reliability of its electric motors and increase the amount of production uptime.

3. Condition Based Maintenance: Use Real-Time Equipment Data to Reduce Downtime - Standards-based industrial communication infrastructures have become popular with manufacturers and industry. See how companies are now using this technology to predict and prevent equipment degradation and failure.

4. The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control - This eight-page PDF whitepaper is designed to help control engineers get a better understanding of how passive acoustical systems can best be used to improve instrument designs at the lowest cost.

5. Improving the bottom line with pneumatics - In Norgren's featured white paper, Improving the Bottom Line with Pneumatics, its engineers attempt to dispel common compressed air myths and offer real, scientifically proven solutions for reducing the cost of compressed air.

6. Accurate Steam Mass Measurement - Vortex meters are ideal for measuring saturated steam flow, and now can be used to measure mass flow with integrated temperature sensor and controller software. These meters can also be integrated into a Foundation Fieldbus industrial network system.

7. Advance Metering 101 - This two-page white paper discusses power monitoring via advance meters and how it can can play a key role in helping companies control and reduce energy costs.

8. The pros and cons of alarm management projects - Although a lot of alarm management projects start and fail due to poor understanding of the scope of the probelm, lack of resources or money, loss of momentum, and no identifiable return on investment, the real key to success is to establish responsility.

9. Liquid hydrocarbon dropout in natural gas infrastructure - Economics are driving natural gas suppliers to leave more liquefiable hydrocarbons in gas delivered to end user plants. The white paper "Liquid Hydrocarbon Dropout in Natural Gas Infrastructure" describes how the practice may affect your product quality as well as maintenance, reliability and efficiency of combustion equipment.

10. The trouble with air leaks - This four-page PDF case study from SDT North America examines the trouble with air leaks and how they can end up being much more than wasted energy.

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