ConocoPhillips honors Honeywell for oilfield development project

Honeywell to supply automation control systems for the Belanak Project

ConocoPhillips on Jan. 6 presented Honeywell Process Solutions with its Belanak Supplier Quality Initiative (BSQI) Gold Award for Delivery Supplier Excellence. ConocoPhillips bestowed the award upon Honeywell for its recent work on offshore oilfield development in Indonesia.

ConocoPhillips is working with Honeywell to engineer and implement complete automation control systems for its oilfield development, titled the Belanak Project. ConocoPhillips praised Honeywell for delivering solutions on schedule and with zero cost growth. Honeywell is enabling Belanak operators to control processes, fire and gas safety, and emergency shut-down systems throughout the offshore oilfield using an integrated Experion PKS process control solution.

The Belanak Project is an oil and natural gas development being built to serve growing energy markets in Southeast Asia. Central to the project is a new floating, production, storage and offloading vessel, which ConocoPhillips touts as what will be one of the most sophisticated production facilities in the world. Key elements of the facility, including two 24-slot fixed-leg platforms, are designed for unmanned, remote operation.

Honeywell is providing remote monitoring and control of operations throughout the Belanak oilfield facilities by integrating critical automation and controls on its Experion automation and control platform. During the scope of the project, Honeywell is providing design, engineering, procurement, hardware assembly, advanced software applications, integration, FAT, delivery and comprehensive site services.

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