Fluid Power Society revises Hydraulic Specialist Certification

Updated version will include industry changes

The Fluid Power Society (FPS), Cherry Hill, N.J., introduces an updated version of its Hydraulic Specialist Certification (HSC), a testing and certification process by which industry members can learn to troubleshoot and modify systems, prepare reports, analyze and design systems, select components and instruct others in operations and maintenance. All certification components are in compliance and follow proper testing protocol, the FPS reports.

Sue Tesauro, certification coordinator for the FPS, says the new version of its HSC was created to keep up with changes in the industry. "Our certification board thought the test needed different details," she says. "It's our most popular certification program."

The Society offers a revised HS Study Guide Manual on its Web site,

http://www.ifps.org. The new guide has doubled in size, Tesauro says, and is now 195 pages. Those who are interested in taking the test can download the new study guide in either PDF or HTML format. Previous versions of the HS study guide and certification test will be honored until March 31, Tesauro says. After that date, applicants must take the newer version of the test.

For more information, visit the FPS' Web site or call (800) 303-8520.

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