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By Paul Studebaker

Yours is a tough job. Every day you balance the work you must get done against the need for progress on long-range goals, and try to do it all despite emergencies, interruptions and a constant stream of new demands. And your load is not lightening up. Especially during the past few years, industrial productivity has improved despite cutbacks and hiring freezes, which means everyone is doing more. I’m sure you can feel it.

More than ever before, you need timely, accurate, well-organized information to help you solve urgent problems, stay abreast of new technologies and regulations, and keep up to speed in your ever-expanding areas of responsibility. Magazines can help, but they’re no longer the whole answer.

We at Plant Services firmly believe in the power and place of print. As my esteemed boss Keith Larson puts it, there are two kinds of reading: lean forward, and lean back. Print is great when you’re leaning back and looking for new ideas -- checking out new developments and practices, improving your general knowledge, or just reading for enjoyment.

But when you’re leaning forward, trying to answer a question, solve a problem, or find a specific product, you rely on the Web. So we’ve been busy overhauling our site,, to offer concise, actionable content, organized to help you find what you need, when you need it. We’ve begun to post and link the most informative and least biased information we can find on maintenance, reliability and asset management from sources all over the Web (and the world). Of course, you’ll also find useful and interesting articles, columns and departments of past, present and future issues.

The magazine and Web site are probably enough for many people, but along with lean back and lean forward, we’re now offering you the opportunity to lean into the wind. Want to be among the first to learn about new developments, implementations and technologies? If you can see the advantages of receiving information via e-mail, we now offer four distinct Plant Services Insider e-newsletters.

EAM Insider helps you increase productivity, deal with staff cuts and achieve “no surprises” asset reliability with the latest industry news, links to solid resources and inside scoops on new technologies that can put teeth into your maintenance management, condition-monitoring and predictive maintenance programs.

Outsourcing Insider keeps your plant competitive with fresh information on when and how to intelligently purchase contract services. Gain support for insourcing core competencies and insight on outsourcing the rest with innovative solutions that help you cut costs and improve operations without undermining morale.

SecurePlant Insider updates you on the rapidly advancing world of plant safety and security. See how innovative strategies and technologies can help you increase productivity while making your plant, personnel and community less vulnerable to outside attack, disgruntled employees and industrial accidents. Insider covers all the traditional Plant Services topics, from compressed air systems to automation and roofs to floors. Whether you’re a technician, plant manager or any MRO professional in between, you’ll find something useful, interesting or downright entertaining in every issue.

Each Insider is issued just once or twice a month – frequent enough to keep you on top, but not so often that they’ll crowd your in-box.

We deeply appreciate the time you spend leaning back, reading Plant Services with your quick lunch, on an airplane, during a bathroom break -- whenever you find the time. Now we want to make sure you’ll consider as a first stop when you lean forward to solve a problem or improve your understanding of plant equipment, MRO methods and emerging technologies.

As long as you're here, why not take a moment to renew your subscription to the magazine -- we have to hear from you at least once a year if you want to keep receiving it -- and take a quick tour of the site to see how far we’ve come.

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We think you’ll enjoy being kept apprised the Plant Services way.
Paul Studebaker is editor in chief of Plant Services magazine. E-mail him at

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