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OPC Foundation, MIMOSA demonstrate new standards

OpenO&M brings condition monitoring information into maintenance and control

OPC Foundation (OPC) and MIMOSA announced the OpenO&M industry initiative and gave the first demonstration of the OpenO&M Information Standards at ISA EXPO 2003 in October. The MIMOSA-OPC Joint Working Group has published its initial OpenO&M Information Standards, which combine the strengths of the OPC and MIMOSA XML-based open standards to enable applications to properly synthesize operations and maintenance-related information in an open, multi-vendor environment.

OpenO&M enables operation and maintenance applications to now easily incorporate condition-based maintenance (CBM) functionality directly into decision-support systems. Claimed benefits include lower project costs, shorter implementation timelines, decreased project risks, and more powerful solutions as an increased range of interoperable O&M solutions components becomes available from multiple vendors.

At the ISA show, vendors demonstrated CBM-oriented decision support, condition monitoring, operations data historian, human machine interface, and enterprise asset management systems all integrated together in a demonstration scenario depicting the convergence of O&M functions and applications. Vendors participating in this demonstration included AspenTech, The DEI Group, Emerson Process Management, Iconics, Indus, OSIsoft, PdMA, Rockwell Automation, and Siemens. Many others are collaborating on the standardization.

"Prior to OpenO&M, end-users and solution suppliers attempting to implement applications requiring integrated operations and maintenance information were highly constrained by vendor-specific application integration requirements," said Alan Johnston, MIMOSA president. "Now, by specifying products that incorporate OpenO&M information standards, they will be able to build important, next-generation enterprise solutions using components from an array of established vendors."

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IMC-2003 to focus on maintenance and reliability issues

IMC-2003, "Mastering the Maintenance Process," will be held Dec. 7 through Dec. 10, 2003, at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

The 18th International Maintenance Conference and pre-conference and post-conference workshops are designed to help participants discover new ideas and learn helpful techniques for maintenance and reliability; predictive maintenance and condition monitoring; and maintenance basics such as prioritizing, planning and scheduling work.

IMC-2003 workshop and session leaders include Robert Latino, co-author of Root Cause Analysis; Ron Moore, author of Making Common Sense Common Practice; Doc Palmer, author of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling; among others.

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