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Operationalizing OT Threat Intelligence at Dragos – A Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Case Study

Watch now to boost your cybersecurity! Asset owners grapple with prioritizing vulnerabilities. Bridging awareness gaps is crucial for effective discovery, analysis, and operationalization of threat intelligence in industrial settings.

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Originally Broadcasted: November 14, 2023

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Industrial asset owners and operators are painfully familiar with the never-ending task of determining which vulnerabilities to address in their systems, but many aren’t aware of the process that goes into the discovery, analysis, and operationalization of threat intelligence and related vulnerabilities.

Join Dragos and Rockwell Automation for this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how they approach this on a regular basis following the recent disclosure of Rockwell Automation ControlLogix EtherNet/IP (ENIP) communication module vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-3595 and CVE-2023-3596).

Join to hear more about:

  • Vulnerability Analysis: technical details on APT-associated vulnerabilities impacting Rockwell Automation communications modules
  • Neighborhood Keeper + OT Watch: leveraging these unique capabilities during the investigation to understand the breadth of the impact across the OT environment (participating organizations)
  • Recommendations: guidance on mitigating the vulnerabilities with useful product updates for Dragos customers

Sponsored by:

Jimmy Wylie, Technical Lead Malware Analyst


Kimberly Graham, Senior Director, Product Management

Maggie Morganti, Product Security
Research Manager, Rockwell Automation