Ultrasound Programs Have Saved Nearly $2,000,000

March 11, 2024
Rousselot Dubuque faced frequent facility issues that led to unplanned downtime. Using the Ultraprobe 15,000 & UltraView Camera, they saved $1,939,306 by optimizing ultrasound programs for mechanical, steam traps, electrical, and air leaks.

Rousselot Dubuque was experiencing unplanned downtime and their facilities were not running at optimal efficiency. They were encountering frequent issues with compressed air leaks, rotating bearings, steam traps, electrical, and valves, but they lacked an efficient strategy to adequately address these concerns. After purchasing the Ultraprobe 15,000 and UltraView Camera, their ultrasound programs in mechanical ultrasound, steam trap monitoring, electrical condition monitoring, and compressed air leak detection collected a total cost avoidance of a staggering $1,939,306! 


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