Infrared camera exposes both nurse’s and floor’s hot spots

June 19, 2014

The ER Doc asked if he could look through the infrared camera Watson so I handed it to him. He pointed it at the nurse and said, “Oh my God, look at that”. Here I was, this dumb engineer looking at the floor when this brilliant ER Doc took the camera and came up with a use that wasn't in the manual!

Watson: I was reading a recent article in Plant Services about Infrared Thermography which peaked my curiosity. Have you ever used similar technology in any of your energy projects Holmes?

Holmes: Only once but it was an interesting experience to say the least. Not only did it expose a hot floor in the ER in a Regional Hospital, it exposed some hot spots on an ER nurse.

Watson: Really! Tell me more about the project.

Holmes: I have to admit it had a few tense moments.

I was in a meeting in the Board Room with the Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Business Manager, Medical Chief of Staff, Head of Nursing, Head of Facilities and Two Board Members. They all agreed that I had made a mistake when, as a small part of a large Energy Conservation Project, I had replaced an oversized fan motor in the ER with a smaller one to save energy. The ER was overheating and the modified system couldn’t cool it.

Watson: Why didn’t you just growl menacingly and bite one of them?

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