How googly eyes will bring about the downfall of humanity

Jan. 18, 2019

The ending of “The Terminator” might have been a lot different if the T-800 had been equipped with adorable googly eyes.

How do you get humans to turn a blind eye to the impending robot apocalypse? With googly eyes, of course. Giant Food Stores, a grocery chain along the East Coast, has unveiled a new robotic employee called Marty that is engineered to make stores safer. The robot looks for out-of-stocks on shelves, scans unit price tags, and generates reports. The worst part is that Marty is outfitted with a pair of novelty googly eyes, prompting shoppers to stop and take selfies with it. The ending of “The Terminator” might have been a lot different if the T-800 had been equipped with adorable googly eyes.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "The robots aren't quite replacing the humans in these supermarkets. Built by Brain Corp., which has also built robotic janitors for Walmart, Martys will be alerting humans to problems that need their attention. They'll move through the Giants and when they notice spills or other trip hazards, they'll alert customers verbally and reach out to employees through the store's public announcement system."

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