Get your fanny pack and Furby. It’s time to DIY a bangle bracelet using shredded CDs.

Jan. 29, 2021

In a recent video, YouTuber Peter Brown demonstrates how to turn shredded CDs into a beautiful bangle bracelet.

Let me take you back to the 1990s. Everyone was investing their retirement savings in Beanie Babies, bleaching the tips of their hair to look like their favorite boy band singer, and pirating their favorite grunge album on Napster. And every time you went to the mailbox, you were rewarded with a stack of CDs from AOL and other internet providers begging you to download their product. Sometimes I wonder whatever became of all those useless CDs? Some people cut the compact disks into tiny pieces, using them as mosaic tiles for art projects. Others repurposed them as coasters, clocks and various household items. I used to hang those pesky CDs from the ceiling of my teenage bedroom, transforming the ceiling into a reflective mobile. YouTuber Peter Brown has another idea for upcycling your unwanted CDs. You could shred the CDs, cast them in resin, and use a lathe to turn your creation into a beautiful bangle bracelet.

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