Job hunting: What are you doing wrong?

July 12, 2013
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and get the job you deserve.

I seemed like a shoe-in for the job — even the human resources (HR) manager thought so. However, the company wouldn't consider me because I was already in its system. "What does that mean?," I inquired. It turned out I had filed my resumé on its website some seven years before. Because the firm didn't consider me qualified then, when it now reviewed resumés for the job it automatically rejected me as unqualified. After the conference call, I told the recruiter I was puzzled by the firm's dismissive approach. I have since learned that it's common practice.

So, my first piece of advice is never file your resumé on a company website — except when you're told to do so by a recruiter because it's the potential employer's policy. Posting it there doesn't set you apart. Your resumé likely is just one of a few hundred or more that somebody in HR will skim through. The odds the person actually will fish it out are slim at best. Instead, let the recruiter put your name forward, polish your image and interact with the company on your behalf.

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