Your data is meaningless without human analysis

Nov. 18, 2015
The ability to combine data with process knowledge is a winning formula for analytics.


Data is everywhere, and many manufacturers have been collecting it for decades. But what are they doing with it? Can you collect enough data to create an analysis algorithm that replaces the need for human intervention?

“We don’t need big data,” asserted Francisco Castillo, chief information officer, Maynilad Water Services. “Most of our data is field data, and it’s quite repetitive, so we can compress it. For us, to do a good analysis of the information, we need someone who is knowledgeable of the process itself. That is more of a challenge.”

Different vertical industries have different views of data, but they all seem to agree on the need to understand the process – and its potential impact on developing their own Connected Enterprise.

To learn more about data, read “Data analytics still need the human touch” from Control.

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