You could will Miller Ingenuity’s 2014 Innovation Challenge and $7,000

Miller Ingenuity invites all college and graduate students to submit plans and creative ideas in response to the challenge – How Might American Manufacturers Attract the Best and Brightest Innovative Minds to Pursue Careers in the Manufacturing Industry. The best solutions will win: first place prize $7,000; second place prize $2,000; and third place prize $1,000. Submissions due November 5, 2014.

The contest will be announced nationally at Miller Ingenuity's October 22, 2014 launch of Creation Station.

For several decades running, the manufacturing industry in the U.S. has lost its world dominance to countries with cheap and abundant labor. However, American companies have competed well when we offer innovative products combined with lean process and cutting-edge technologies to reduce costs. Manufacturing is critical to the continued resurgence of the American economy.

Participants must register at to view contest timeline, requirements for submission, and rules and guidelines.