Skull vibrations might be replacing passwords

We're all guilty of forgetting our passwords. But imagine a world where you never had to memorize another password again. One day, people may be able to authenticate their identity by the sound of their skull. A new system called SkullConduct is a biometric security solution that is hoping to make stealing someone's password a thing of the past.

According to ScienceAlert: "Scientists in Germany are working on a system that can identify the way your skull vibrates in reaction to an ultrasonic signal, because it could be just as unique as your fingerprint. It could eventually be used to prove you are who you say you are when logging into your email, or trying to gain access to the Pentagon.

Of course, to measure skull vibrations you're going to need some kind of headset or accessory, and the researchers are currently working with a Google Glass-style device to log you in.

Eventually, the required tech could be incorporated into smartphones, so holding one to your head to take a call would be enough to identify you."

To learn more, read "The sound of your skull could soon replace your password - seriously" from ScienceAlert.