DIY: Extract your own DNA using only kitchen supplies

Looking for a fun DIY project to try this weekend? How about extracting your own DNA? I know what you are thinking: "I don't have the necessary equipment or the expertise to attempting something as complex as extracting DNA." Wrong. All you need is a shot glass, saliva, dish soap, salt, pineapple juice, and chilled alcohol.

According to Popular Science: "Mac Cowell, an advocate for open-source biotechnology, created a set of simple instructions that lets anyone isolate her own DNA in mere minutes. The rough-and-ready procedure uses basic kitchen supplies, including the best possible container: a shot glass. This DIY process won't create the cleanest sample, but avid biohackers can purify the DNA after it's extracted. Once you have a pure sample, you can try sorting the DNA fragments by size or building a DIY DNA-copying machine."

To learn more, read "How To Extract Your Own DNA" from Popular Science.