Avoiding an enormous Debt Sentence

Amazingly the cost of education continues to surpass inflationary costs despite record levels of enrollments. Many parents wonder if they are failing their kids by not being able to cover the enormous cost for traditional education outlets. With enormous fees of over 20-40 at major institutions students are being faced with a severe debt sentence. Sadly, many of the graduates of the four year academic programs cannot locate employment or compensation to cover their loans and cost of living expenses. Meanwhile, students who are pursuing unpopular curriculum of industrial technology, maintenance and mining are able to have their pick of future jobs and are receiving starting income levels at 50-60,000/year jobs and also many companies will reimburse or subsidize their education. Even Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg news outlets are beginning to take notice. See http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesmarshallcrotty/2012/09/19/yo-harvard-dig-this-south-dakota-mining-grads-are-crushing-you-on-pay/ and this on Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-17/harvard-losing-out-to-south-dakota-in-graduate-pay-commodities.html Now is our window of opportunity to help spread the news and help more recognize that investing in the future maintenance workers makes for sense than Ivey League sheepskins. So hope you can convince your kids that is ok to get your hands a little dirty to avoid a future Debt Sentence.