Introducing Watson, Certified Energy Dog

Introducing Watson SP2


Holmes, Watson, now that you are a world-famous energy detective, would you share with our readers a little about how you got started ?

Watson, Sure. I was born in France into a long line of Briard sheep dogs. But it didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t cut out to be one of the flock. It was boring. So I went to engineering school and got my degree specializing in energy systems.

My professor advised me to read your articles in Sustainable Plant and told me that you were someone actually applying engineering fundamentals in the real-world and saving energy, not just following the herd doing Energy Audits, benchmarking, computer models and writing reports. My favorite is the “Sacred Sheep” article. The Energy Audit - A Sacred Cow of Energy Management.

She suggested I send you an email to see if you needed an assistant. I sure didn’t want to swap following the flock in one profession for just being one of the herd in another. And when I read the sentence, “For me, finding problems in existing building energy systems, opportunities to reduce waste and increase efficiency is like I am getting paid to play a game, work a puzzle, track down a double agent; mystery, intrigue, hot cars and women, Double O 3.14159” in another of your articles, I knew that was the exciting life I was looking for. The Art of Problem Solving

So here I am; one half of the most famous duo of energy detectives in the world. Well, actually the only duo of energy detectives in the world, but that’s beside the point.

Tell us about your experiences, both good and bad with energy professionals, what has worked and what hasn’t. Send us your comments, thoughts and suggestions on how to improve our profession so we can all continue to learn from each other. Thanks – Holmes & Watson