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lead tom moriartyHuman Capital is a monthly column for plant managers, department managers, supervisors and aspiring leaders. This column provides a blend of leadership and organizational development concepts with practical applications and insight. Look for Plant Services Contributing Editor Tom Moriarty for leadership topics to expand your leadership toolkit.

4 ways to conquer critical moments

Tom Moriarty says be more productive and satisfied by taking responsibility for your circumstances.

By Tom Moriarty
Aug 31, 2015

Have you ever been bummed out because you were in a hurry to get somewhere and you got stuck at a traffic light because the car ahead of yours just got through the intersection after driving the past 3 miles under the speed limit?  Did you get mad at the other driver? Or did you think, "If I had left the house just 30 seconds earlier, I wouldn’t be stuck at this traffic light?" This is a very small example of a critical moment. There are many critical moments that combine to help determine your level of personal satisfaction.

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