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lead tom moriartyHuman Capital is a monthly column for plant managers, department managers, supervisors and aspiring leaders. This column provides a blend of leadership and organizational development concepts with practical applications and insight. Look for Plant Services Contributing Editor Tom Moriarty for leadership topics to expand your leadership toolkit.

Profits sinking? Put down the violin and support your maintenance team

Tom Moriarty says plant leaders owe it to their teams to understand and support the maintenance role.

By Tom Moriarty
Jun 14, 2016

In April 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. In the hours it took for the massive ship to take on water and ultimately slip beneath the surface of the ocean, a small group of musicians played music to calm passengers. This activity did nothing to change the outcome. The musicians didn’t have the equipment or the knowledge to keep water from coming in or pump water out.

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