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Energy Expert explores the growing range of energy related opportunities and risks facing today’s Energy Manager. Peter Garforth draws from his considerable track record in establishing successful energy productivity programs that create profitable business solutions and enhanced competitiveness.

Are the collateral benefits of energy management real or imagined?

Peter Garforth examines the collateral benefits of energy management and tries to quantify the results.

By Peter Garforth
Apr 7, 2015

Those in the business of professional industrial energy management like to claim that businesses can see substantial collateral benefits from a comprehensive energy management program. Skeptics might view these claims as a desperate attempt to add value to an activity that cannot stand on its own merits. To the convinced, collateral benefits – those that go beyond the obvious cost, reliability and environmental values of energy management – are a given but are hard to quantify. Can we create proof for the skeptic, and persuade the believer to deliver hard evidence? Before we try to answer that question, we need to understand what these claimed collateral benefits are.

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