Voices: Energy Expert

Energy Expert explores the growing range of energy related opportunities and risks facing today’s Energy Manager. Peter Garforth draws from his considerable track record in establishing successful energy productivity programs that create profitable business solutions and enhanced competitiveness.

Get real about your energy goals

You've set energy savings targets. Great. But is your plant realistic about the resources needed to meet them?

By Peter Garforth
Sep 1, 2015

Senior managers increasingly are realizing the wide range of risks and opportunities related to their companies’ energy use. As a result, managers who in the past would have had minimal interest in energy-efficiency programs are becoming more involved in setting energy performance targets. The approaches adopted often are in conflict with historic norms and allocation of resources, which stubbornly have a habit of staying in place in the real world of operations. The result is all-too-often ambiguous management direction and energy team frustration.

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