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7 Major Material Handling Developments Emerging In 2015

Manufacturing as a whole has seen dramatic changes over the past few years. It’s a promising trend that is spurring new innovation and improved processes at every step of the supply chain. 

Secret Adjustment Location for a More Efficient Compressed Air System

Hint:  You can see this location using a simple mirror

Why is the Energy Efficiency Profession Still Using Methods That Haven't Changed in 40 Years?

Watson: As a former sheepdog, I think the Herd (Flock) Mentality convinces people that their own group is smarter or more important than others. They just fall in line and fail to look for other points of view."

Stand up and see the benefits: Five reasons to shift to stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks

It has long been clear that lift trucks are important for tactical activities in warehouse and distribution facilities. Recently, their strategic value has become equally important; businesses are realizing the advantages of investing in lift trucks to run better and manage smarter.

The Question is Not If Big Data & Analytics Will Revolutionize the Energy Efficiency Profession, But When

Even though the Energy Efficiency Profession, Government and Utility programs have refused to embrace sound scientific methods based on permanent instrumentation, outside influences will force them into the Information Age.

Industrial Warehouse Safety: 7 Tips

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that more than 145,000 individuals work in warehouses.  You may think that your industrial warehouse is relatively safe; after all, it is not a construction site or power plant. But the rate of fatalities in warehouse work exceeds the average for all industries combined.

A tale of two kingdoms

This month’s post was supposed to be about CMMS implementation. But recent events have me stepping up on another soapbox.

More than Double Your Savings with Compressed Air System Pressure Reduction

You can save much more than you expect due to a seldom mentioned pressure effect.

Pallet Truck: Manual Vs. Electric

Material handling plant managers have different needs when it comes to pallet trucks. Fortunately, you have several options when selecting a pallet truck — one of which is whether to use a manual version or an electric powered truck.

Data Loggers are Too Expensive to Justify; Permanent Energy Instrumentation is the Only Solution.

When the cost of the labor associated with using data loggers to collect spot data is considered, the practice is too expensive to be practical. Funding their use is just another example of paying engineers for preparing to save energy rather than paying them for actually saving energy.