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Innovation or no motivation?

When we spend our lives maneuvering smart phones and using the ease of Siri, Google Now, and the newest version of voice command, Jasper, how do we maintain our humanity?

Introducing girls to the motor industry

The Education and Training Foundation put on an event where young girls were introduced to the motor industry and what it looked like to work there.

Ted Talks on STEM education

“There’s something about having people of diverse backgrounds at the table that actually makes the difference,” Roni Ellington said. Listen to this Tedx Baltimore Talk to learn more about what she thinks the world should be doing to help kids get into STEM.

How the globe measures up in STEM

This infographic gives a good picture of how the U.S. is doing in the fields of Math, Reading, and Science compared to other countries.

Why we need women in STEM

Carter Wall, the director of the Performance Solar Division at Broadway Electrical Company, explains what she loves about her STEM career, and why more women should consider going into STEM.

Advice for women studying or starting a career in STEM

These videos give a good comprehensive view on what women need to keep in mind when going into a STEM field. Watch them to see how you can encourage the women around you that are looking to follow the path to a STEM career.

Breaking down barriers: Kristy Bearden on women in STEM

Kristy Bearden, a Chemist working for the Center of Disease Control, explains in the video her experience studying STEM in college and gives some thoughtful advice.

Lack of women in STEM isn’t because women aren’t as smart

As more research shows, women aren’t choosing not to go into a STEM career because they’re not smart enough or capable for the job, but because of the complete opposite.

The truth behind the lack of women in STEM

Women aren’t struggling to get started in STEM careers for nothing, as the infographic shows.

The gender gap in real-life numbers

While women are succeeding in the workplace as being over half the people employed, they are still far behind in getting equal pay, working in the government and in STEM careers.