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Steam quality and autonomous maintenance

Happy Throwback Thursday. Enjoy these timeless articles on our most popular topics: the quality of steam and operator-based maintenance

Requiring Certifications to do Energy Audits & Benchmarking May Keep the Bureaucrats Happy but they Don’t Provide the Skills Required to Actually Save Energy

Watson: I don’t want to waste any more time and money getting Certifications that only qualify me do Energy Auditing and Benchmarking, exercises that don’t save any energy and are of little value to anyone other than the agencies promoting them. 

From So-So to Superstar: 7 Game-Changers to Tackle in the Drive Toward High Performance Organizations

 Benchmarking process reveals consistent qualities that led to successful transformations

Watson's Words of Wisdom on Benchmarking

Doesn’t anyone out there but me see how ridiculous the whole concept is of reviewing data once a year to verify that a building is being run efficiently? Come on, I’m a dog and I can see it. I’m betting even a really smart cat could see it too!

Learn the truth behind STEM jobs

50 percent of STEM jobs don’t require a bachelor degree. Want to learn other new facts about STEM careers? Check out this infographic.

Women in the technology workplace

There may not be many women working in the technology career field, but that doesn’t mean that women haven’t made their impact.

Teacher of the year finalist explains his views on STEM education

Rob Stephenson, National Teacher of the Year Finalist, takes the time to explain his approach to STEM education in this video and why he chose to go down the path he did.

Benefield Elementary School and GSMST collaborate to learn about STEM

A Georgia elementary school shows the incredible outcomes of letting kids work with other kids.

New teaching methods allow kids to think outside of the box with STEM

“I’m not funnelling them into one way of thinking. They get to challenge themselves and think outside the box rather than using a textbook which directs them and tells them step by step, ‘This is what you should be thinking,’” Sheri Stipp, a teacher at Hudson Elementary, says in the video.

STEAM education reaches into the technology-ridden world

Technology acts as a tool for teachers with these 60 different applications that can be used in the classroom or at home.