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Infographic: How NASA is affecting technology throughout the country

This infographic illustrates how NASA technologies have led to products, services, and processes that have generated jobs, created profits, and even saved lives.

Automation and instrumentation meet at the summit

Endress+Hauser and Rockwell Automation bring users together at Process Solutions Summit

Incentives from Top Management, Information & Accountability are the Keys to Plant Energy Efficiency

Watson: Unless the people at the top put reducing energy costs high on the priority list and provide the employees with the incentive and information they need to understand and manage when, where and how the utility dollars are being spent, it isn’t going to get done.

Compressed Air System Gas Mileage

How efficiently are you producing your compressed air?

What is Low-Hanging Fruit Anyway?

Watson: Using the analogy of picking fruit, I can’t see how lighting projects could possibly be considered “Low Hanging Fruit”. They are expensive, require a significant investment and have long paybacks.  Walking through a field picking low hanging fruit only requires a sack over one or two of your four shoulders.

Maintenance and reliability professionals, assemble!

The new breed of plant superheroes rally around productivity and profitability

4 reasons why so many reliability initiatives fail

Results-driven reliability-excellence programs work differently in the real world than they do on paper.

Does ROI Mean "Reward of Ignorance" When Used to Deny the Purchase of Energy Information Systems?

Watson: If a company thinks they can manage their energy costs without actual data, I wonder if their corporate slogan is, “Better Management through Ignorance” or “Our Management Decisions are the Same With or Without Facts”?

Best practices for a direct store delivery business model

Foods that are fresh often have a shorter shelf life than preserved or processed products, which opens the door for potential revenue losses as these items can become out-of-code more quickly. To address this challenge, more manufacturers are considering a direct store delivery (DSD) business model.

Steam quality and autonomous maintenance

Happy Throwback Thursday. Enjoy these timeless articles on our most popular topics: the quality of steam and operator-based maintenance