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A tale of two kingdoms

This month’s post was supposed to be about CMMS implementation. But recent events have me stepping up on another soapbox.

More than Double Your Savings with Compressed Air System Pressure Reduction

You can save much more than you expect due to a seldom mentioned pressure effect.

Pallet Truck: Manual Vs. Electric

Material handling plant managers have different needs when it comes to pallet trucks. Fortunately, you have several options when selecting a pallet truck — one of which is whether to use a manual version or an electric powered truck.

Data Loggers are Too Expensive to Justify; Permanent Energy Instrumentation is the Only Solution.

When the cost of the labor associated with using data loggers to collect spot data is considered, the practice is too expensive to be practical. Funding their use is just another example of paying engineers for preparing to save energy rather than paying them for actually saving energy.

A future in the clouds: selecting the right solution for food and beverage

With cloud deployments gaining momentum, more food and beverage manufacturers are considering the benefits that can be derived from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) rather than on-premise implementations.

4 Ways to Share the Budget Burden

How expanding involvement increases engagement, builds business understanding & drives results

“Do You Realize What You Have? You Have a Money Machine. You are Paying Owners to Let You Work in Their Building.”

By using no-cost, low-cost methods to tune-up energy systems and reduce utility costs without capital projects, an owner can pay energy professionals for their services with part of the dollars saved and put the rest of the savings in their pocket.

Eliminating Energy Waste in Buildings Could Save 100,000’s of Lives Every Year

There were about 3.7 million deaths from outdoor air pollution in 2012. Coal particulates pollution alone is estimated to shorten approximately 1,000,000 lives annually worldwide, including nearly 24,000 lives a year in the United States. Reducing the energy wasted in buildings will literally save and improve the quality of millions of lives.

A Ghost in the Chilled Water System Confirms Need for Trained Energy Professionals

The energy systems were the responsibility of the custodians; the same people who swept the floors at night. The poorly trained operator was wasting more of the owner’s money every year than it would have cost to hire one with the required education, skills and experience.

Compressed air - Applying an automotive analogy

Some compressor control is like putting the pedal-to-the-metal and using the brake to control the speed!