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Big Picture Interview is a Q&A series featuring industy thought leaders.

How to achieve PdM success: Be like Mike

In this Big Picture Interview, learn why making the leap to reliability-centered maintenance is all in your team’s mindset.

Oct 11, 2016

Michael Macsisak is a predictive maintenance technician at Nestlé[http://www.nestle.com] Purina's pet food processing plant in Allentown, PA, which helps produce Friskies, Alpo, and Mighty Dog pet food brands. Recently, the Allentown plant's maintenance team embarked on a multi-year project to improve plantwide asset reliability by embracing reliability-centered maintenance approaches and predictive technologies. Macsisak, who has 30 years of mechanical experience as a heavy equipment mechanic, production line mechanic, forklift mechanic, millwright, and welder, was part of the team that was asked to make this shift.  He is now a Level II Infrared Technician, Level II Ultrasonics Technician, Level I Machinery Lubrication Technician, and Expert Laser Alignment Technician, and is currently training as a Level I Vibration Data Analyst. Macsisak spoke with Plant Services about the challenges associated with making this change, as well as the impact that PdM has had both on asset reliability and on team drive and confidence.

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